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Media Buying
and Planning

    From targeted connected TV ads to programmed linear TV ads We can plan, buy and build your perfect campaign.

    Make your Campaign a Campleasure
    with tviva!

    Why tviva! ?

    Partner with tviva! for our expert guidance and established connections with major UK TV channels. While you may be new to this, we're seasoned professionals. From the faff of data integration to the negotiations of rates, we'll handle every part of the campaign set-up.

    Get in touch, and together, let's make your TV campaign a success story.

    So what is media buying?

    Crafting an awesome ad is just half the journey. You have to make sure your ad gets noticed. That’s where media buyers step in!

    Media buying might sound fancy, but it’s pretty straightforward. We negotiate the most relevant ad slots on TV and On Demand. Transforming your aims and sales into a lucrative campaign strategy.

    And once your ad hits the screen, we monitor its performance, providing feedback and offering insights. In short, we handle the fiddly details, allowing you to enjoy the success hassle-free.  

    Looking for a team to create your Advert?

    Check out our pricing packages!

    We keep it simple, affordable and successful✌️

    Media Buying in Just 5 Steps

    Reach Out

    Now this step is on you. You have to reach out via email, call, text, or even carrier pigeon, so we can dive straight into strategy mode! We'll ask you some key questions, then use this to collect quotes for your personal TV campaign.

    Pitch & Proposal

    Next, we'll hop on a video call to share our insights and, more crucially, to understand what you want from the campaign. This is where we get more granular, refining the target audience, explaining platform capabilities and outlining the reach of your ideal Ad Campaign.

    Ready for Launch

    With all the necessary info gathered and channel negotiations complete, our focus shifts to TV readiness. Clearcast? Handled. Tracking tools? Set-up. TV specs? Configured. We take of all the nitty-gritty details, ensuring you're fully prepared for your TV launch.

    TV Time

    With logistics sorted, it's time for the big launch! As your ad airs, you can witness increased website traffic. Meanwhile, we'll be diligently collecting more data. Through consistent check-ins, we'll keep you informed and suggest adjustments as needed.


    Almost finished! Next, we'll conduct a final review 2 weeks post-campaign end. This ensures we collect those last bits of crucial data, offering a comprehensive overview of the campaign's performance. This info is vital for the success of your next campaign. And once you've experienced the first one, we're confident you'll be eager to use TV advertising again!

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