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The (Ad)Smart
Choice for TV Advertising

Get Your Brand on TV with
tviva! + Sky AdSmart

So, what is targeted advertising?

Traditionally, TV adverts reached a broad audience, with only some being your target demographic. However, targeting a whole bunch of people can cost a whole bunch. Using Sky AdSmart, we can help keep costs low by ensuring your ad is seen by your ideal audience.

We’ll plan your campaigns to engage viewers based on various factors and attributes that align with your brand. For example, if you are offering a local service? Advertise in your area by postcode.

OR you can even launch a test campaign in regions with proven sales performance before scaling up!

AdSmart Gives You:

With Sky AdSmart, you don't have to pay premium prices to broadcast during pillar content. Your ads can be shown during peak hours and between the most popular shows for no extra cost!

Currently, AdSmart is the only way for addressable adverts to appear on live TV. Although on-demand and catch-up services are growing in popularity, live TV is where people are watching right now! Watch your ad live on telly with AdSmart.

AdSmart advertisers are only charged if 75% of the ad is watched, uninterrupted and at normal speed. That's 23 seconds of a 30 second ad. This means you only pay when customer's are paying attention!

Just some of the attributes you
can target your ideal Customers with:

Household Composition

Purchasing Habits


Vehicle Ownership

Business Owners/
Decision Makers

Category Purchases

Reach Your Targeting


from £15k


from £5k


from £3k

AdSmartable Channels

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