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How much will it cost?

Well, at tviva!, we've made it more affordable than ever before. We're upfront about pricing with our comprehensive package system. We can offer complete ad creation and TV airtime campaign for as low as £4,000. Get in touch with us now to explore the possibilities of tviva! advertising. 

Are TV adverts only for large companies with large budgets?

Not at all! TV Ads have become accessible to businesses of all sizes. At tviva!, we offer affordable options from just £4,000! This includes production of your Advert and an Airtime Campaign. Explore our excellent packages today to get your brand on TV 👌

Is TV advertising effective for local businesses or just national?

TV Advertising works for everyone! With targeted advertising, TV Ads can be tailored to specific regions, cities, or postcode.  Contact us at tviva! and we can discuss how to efficiently reach your target audience. 

Is there a contract commitment?

Nope! And we'll always be upfront and transparent about pricing. We collaborate with you or your team directly to agree all spends in advance. 

Are people still watching TV?

Absolutely! Though the way we watch TV is evolving. As well as your living room, TV (and TV Ads!) now lives in your pocket, on streaming platforms, and even on those really posh fridge doors! The average UK viewer spends 144 minutes per day watching live TV. So let's get you in front of them today!

What is AdSmart?

AdSmart is targeted TV Advertising from Sky.

It delivers different Ads to different households even during the same TV shows! Television Ads used to show the same content to everyone. This wasted the consumer's time and the advertiser's money. Using Sky's understanding of their consumers, advertisers can ensure their carefully crafted Ads actually reach the the right audience.

Learn more about AdSmart here!

What is Clearcast?

Clearcast is a non-governemental organisation that plays a crucial role in UK TV advertising. They review and approve TV ads to ensure they meet regulatory standards and protect the public interest. 

Before an ad can be broadcasted on TV, Clearcast looks over the script and visuals to ensure compliance with the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising. They filter out ads that are deceptive, offensive, or unethical. This safeguards the interests of viewers and businesses alike. 

Clearcast's approval process guarantees that adverts adhere to regulations and maintain the integrity of the television advertising. As a TV ad production company, tviva! has experience working with Clearcast. We navigate the Clearcast regulations on the client’s behalf. 

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